Jake White

Hometown : Saline, MI  Voice Part : Tenor 2  Year : Sophomore  Areas of Study : Vocal Performance

Hometown: Saline, MI
Voice Part: Tenor 2
Year: Sophomore
Areas of Study: Vocal Performance

One day the Friars had the bright idea to mosey on over to the music school to see what they could find. As soon as they stepped inside, their ears began to dance at the melodious sounds coming from a practice room below. They searched all over the building, desperately trying to find the source of the music when, suddenly, they opened a door and there he was, Jake White, hair blowing in the breeze of the AC vent as he sang a choral rendition of Goodnight Moon. This composing mastermind didn’t skip a beat as we crammed ourselves into the 5x5 little room, eagerly awaiting the climax of the piece. Jake’s final note was so magical that, even in the basement, sunlight shone down on him as his vibrato kicked in. When he finally finished, there was nothing but silence as he turned to see 8 beaming smiles on the faces of Friars who knew they’d found what they needed.

Matt Lichtinger

Hometown : Findlay, OH  Voice Part : Bass  Year : Sophomore  Areas of Study : Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Findlay, OH
Voice Part: Bass
Year: Sophomore
Areas of Study: Electrical Engineering

He's our Zuko of the Fire Nation, our Itachi Uchiha of the Akatsuki, and our Nico Robin of Baroque Works. If you don't watch anime, he's basically our favorite person ever to come out of Ohio. A dedicated Michigan fan and church boy from Findlay, Ohio, Matt "Let's go to NYPD" Lichtinger breathes life into any party he walks into. Whether it's wooing girls with his incredible knowledge of electrical engineering or asserting his dominance through his deep, guttural voice, it's impossible not to be having fun around him. Just be careful when you first meet him: Matt's picked up a few tips from our snakey friends at Ross, and if you're not careful, he'll network with you and make you want to hire him on the spot.

Ryan Lynch

Hometown : Rochester, MI  Voice Part : Baritone / Beatboxer  Year : Senior  Areas of Study : Film, Television, and Media

Hometown: Rochester, MI
Voice Part: Baritone / Beatboxer
Year: Senior
Areas of Study: Film, Television, and Media

When Ryan first joined the glee club, his blinding golden hair burned the retinas of those around him. The poor man soon became ostracized by all the clubbers who desperately needed their eyes to sightread music. To stay in the club, he was contractually obligated to wear a baseball cap for the clubbers' sake.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve, the Friars came to say, "Ryan, with your hair so bright, won't you guide our sleigh tonight?" 

Then all the clubbers loved him as they shouted out with glee, "Ryan, the gold-haired Friar, you'll go down in history!"

Unfortunately, once the Friars finished gifting everybody the sounds of their voices, they had no need for Ryan as the sleigh was really only a Christmastime gig prop. However, due to his luscious baritone voice and rather impressive knowledge of films, the Friars decided he was worth keeping around for a few more rides.

Joe Isaac

Hometown : Rochester, MI  Voice Part : Baritone  Year : Senior  Areas of Study : Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Rochester, MI
Voice Part: Baritone
Year: Senior
Areas of Study: Chemical Engineering

When there's a monster under your bed at night, what do you do? You go find your daddy and ask him for help. Your daddy is the one who will defeat the monsters for you and keep you out of danger. Joe Isaac is that man for us. He loves each of us equally and makes us better by never giving us the approval we crave, but the approval we deserve. Born a bodacious baritone, Joe bravely bears the burden of the Friars musical excellence with the strength of a grizzly bear. He is our musical savior and with Joe, we bring our complement of chemical engineers to two. Joe will enchant you with his voice, keep you safe with his bear-like strength, and comfort you with his fatherly demeanor. Joe is our official Friar Daddy.

Kevin Yan

Hometown : Northville, MI  Voice Part : Tenor 2  Year : Sophomore  Areas of Study : Computer Science Engineering

Hometown: Northville, MI
Voice Part: Tenor 2
Year: Sophomore
Areas of Study: Computer Science Engineering

After riding his 80s hits for years, Billy Joel was looking for a new breakthrough song when one day he happened to be travelling through Northville, MI, and stumbled upon 6-year-old piano prodigy Kevin Yan playing the most technically challenging arrangement of Hot Cross Buns ever written while simultaneously coding an EECS 280 project. It was at that moment that the 2006 hit “Piano Man” was born, a musical masterpiece based on the incredible talents of the young boy. However, his young age prevented him from touring with the song and, despite spending months arguing with Billy to title it “Piano Kev”, caused him to lose all recognition for the hit. Yet, humble as he is, he knew he could bounce back, and started arranging songs left and right to prepare for his next big break. It came during his freshman year when he met the Friars, and they became the most dynamic duo since the time when peanut butter met jelly. A pianist on the streets and a coder in the sheets, Kevin Yan is a marvel to everyone he meets.

Alex Forrest

Hometown : Muskegon, MI  Voice Part : Tenor 1  Year : Sophomore  Areas of Study : Linguistics

Hometown: Muskegon, MI
Voice Part: Tenor 1
Year: Sophomore
Areas of Study: Linguistics

There are many references in old Friar’s Lore to the one called “The True Tenor”, a mythical being who was once said to reincarnate throughout the eons as the Friar’s sole source of high notes. It had been quite some time since his last appearance, and the group was overtaken by the basses. For many years, the tenor 2’s had been praying for his appearance, as they were not accustomed to the demands of the tenor 1 lines. They had all but given up hope, when all of the sudden the bells on the bell tower started playing an incredible melody! The heavens opened up, and down came Alex Forrest, the tenor 1 who was sent to bring high notes back. His ethereal voice floated through the land, as if it were the force carrying him into the mortal realm. From that day on, Alex’s athletic riffs and golden tenor notes could be heard throughout the Friar’s repertoire. And all was good.

Jack Riley

Hometown : Chicago, IL  Voice Part : Tenor 1  Year : Junior  Areas of Study : Civil Engineering

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Voice Part: Tenor 1
Year: Junior
Areas of Study: Civil Engineering

Long ago, in a distant land, the old friars of yore embarked on an arduous journey of epic proportions. Their quest? To venture over the Mountains of Toan to find the Holy Frug. For days the brothers trudged across the vast mountain range through the Great Prickly Pear Forest, utterly lost. After days of being chased by orcs, bears and less simple men than themselves, they stumbled upon a certain halfling by the name of Slack Riley. His outstanding communication skills and beautiful second tenor voice were just what the party needed to fend off all the threats that were yet to be seen on their not so virtuous trek. Thankfully, Slack had lived in the mountains for years and was a master. He went on to lead them to glory on their quest. And when the crew saw their fearless Dungeon Master hold up the Holy Frug in triumph they knew that Slack Riley would be a Friar for the rest of his days.

Ben DeVries

Hometown : Traverse City, MI  Voice Part : Baritone  Year : Junior  Areas of Study : Industrial Operations Engineering

Hometown: Traverse City, MI
Voice Part: Baritone
Year: Junior
Areas of Study: Industrial Operations Engineering

For decades The Friars pursued a singular goal: the successful completion of a quadruple hack. This goal shaped the first 63 years of Friars history. Legends tell of the many Friars who came so close to this magnificent feat but ultimately fell victim to gravity's cruel fate. The prophecy states that one day a Friar will emerge from the pack, leading us out of the bell tower towards the promised lands where hacks are aplenty. As soon as Ben joined The Friars, they knew he must be this chosen one, the hacker of sacks, the bringer of töne™. With his mighty calves, quick wit, and silky voice, Ben was everything The Friars needed to best their athletic inabilities. Through his leadership, Ben led the mere mortals to victory, beginning a new chapter in Friars history. Now that Ben has graced their hack circles, they may one day put down the sack for good and start rehearsal already.

Owen Nakatani

Hometown : Philadelphia, PA  Voice Part : Bass  Year : Senior  Areas of Study : Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Voice Part: Bass
Year: Senior
Areas of Study: Chemical Engineering

Now this is a story all about how

Owen’s life got flip turned upside down 

And I’d like to take a minute so please don’t go

And I’ll tell you the story of a man called Big O.

North West of Philadelphia, born and raised

In the ugli is where he spends most of his days

A chem e always workin and studyin, its all school

Sleeping at the lib, I just hope he don’t drool 

When a couple of guys, let’s call em the friars

Heard Owen sing and they thought it was fire

An audition, an acoustic version of Get Low,

And now Owen’s the smoothest Friar at every show.